Princes of Apocalypse

Session 2

The group met a couple of Feathergale Knights who were riding on Giant Vultures. They agreed to go to Feathergale Spire to meet up with them and hear them out on how they wanted to help them. They went back to Beliard and went through the path back to Red Larch. On their way through the path, they saw a man standing far off in the woods wearing a golden looking mask. The made it back to Red Larch and went South where they broke off of the main road to search for some graves. They found 4 graves there, then proceeded to Feathergale Spire. At Feathergale Spire they made contact with the leader and made a deal with him to kill the leader of Rivergard Keep. A man ran into the room at this time and said that they saw a Manticore on the move. The party helped hunt down and kill the Manticore, when another Manticore and 2 Griffons also came out. The party Obliterated them.


LeaKyLemur25 LeaKyLemur25

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